Commercial Law

Our expert team of lawyers and solicitors has extensive experience in all areas of commercial law and commercial litigation.

We are close to regulators: ACCC, occupational licensing and ATO/ASIC investigations, complaints and litigation.

We also assist in setting up contracts and advising on compliance matters.

We always act in our client’s best interests, focusing on providing best legal advice whilst also considering the costs of litigation and possible alternatives for dispute resolution.

We can help you resolve a range of commercial disputes including:


Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation can be unpredictable – so it’s vital to have the best possible representation in court. We have an outstanding track record in commercial litigation matters in the Magistrates’ Court, County Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court and Federal Magistrates Court.

Commercial Debts

Our expert team of commercial lawyers never shies away from tough commercial debt matters. We’re well versed in enforcement proceedings to recover judgment debts including the winding-up of insolvent companies, sale of real property to satisfy a judgment debt, issue of warrants to seize property and other avenues available through the court system.

We also have extensive experience in commercial defence for debt recovery proceedings, including filing of Defences, drafting of evidence for hearing and negotiations towards settlement

Partnership Disputes

Disputes between business partners are very common and can be highly emotional. To ensure the best outcome for all parties, it is essential that you seek professional advice. Our commercial lawyers can help you resolve disputes arising from all types of partnership agreements, including contracts, verbal agreements, the supply of goods and services and sale of business.

Commercial Agreements

We regularly negotiate a wide range of commercial agreements for our clients, including intellectual property, licensing, distribution and manufacturing.

We’re highly experienced in franchise agreements and can represent both franchisor and franchisee, ensuring you understand your rights and obligations, negotiate the best terms and resolve any disputes that arise.

Commercial property agreements are also our specialty. Our team has extensive knowledge of property and land subdivisions across metropolitan Melbourne, and can help you to negotiate and settle a wide range of property disputes including enforcement of leases and licences, and infringement of property rights.